Council-Manager Form of Government

Metter, Georgia operates under a Council-Manager form of government. The Charter of the City of Metter establishes the City Council as the governing and legislative authority of the City government. Click to view the Charter for the City of Metter, Georgia.

Under this system of local government, the elected officials are the community leaders and policy makers who establish a vision for their city, town, or county, and who hire the Manager to carry out policy and ensure that all residents are equitably served. The Manager coordinates the work of department heads and other employees, who help ensure the smooth and efficient delivery of services. The Manager is responsible for preparing the budget, directing day-to-day operations, hiring and firing personnel, and serving as the Council’s chief policy advisor.


The City of Metter is divided into two districts.

Council Meetings

The Metter City Council holds public meetings the second Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. Special called meetings are also called on an as-needed basis. To get on the agenda for a council meeting, contact the Metter City Clerk at 912-685-2527. All requests to get on the agenda should be made by the close of business the Wednsday before the Monday meeting.

Running for Office

The Mayor and Council serve four-year staggered terms to ensure that at no time is the Metter City Council composed of a full panel of freshmen members. There are presently no term limits for these positions. To qualify for the position of Mayor or councilmember, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a one (1) year City of Metter resident as of the first Tuesday in November of the year for
    which you are qualifying

  • Must be a registered voter of the City of Metter

  • Must be 21 years of age

  • Must state which seat/person for which you are qualifying

  • Must pay a qualifying fee of $90 (3% of Council pay) or, if running for the Mayoral seat, $207
    (3% of Mayor’s pay).

All candidates running for office should make themselves familiar with the Georgia Ethics in Government Act. Once elected, the Mayor and all members of the Council must continue to reside in the City of Metter during their periods of service and remain registered voters. Additionally, they may not hold any other city office or city employment during any portion of the term for which they are elected.

Qualifying packages for Metter city elections are available at City Hall from the Metter City Clerk’s office.